PatentSKy – a complete guidebook for the Intellectual Property un-initiated!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to PatentSKy – a complete guidebook for the Intellectual Property un-initiated!

If you are an innovator OR a person who likes to solve practical problems with the technology, OR a creative head OR someone just browsing around for some free IP advice, you have arrived at the correct place!

Here’s why I started this blog:

  1. Helping the un-initiated understand the basics of Intellectual property rights
  2. Providing accurate information on protecting your IPRs
  3. Sharing tips & learning from the exciting world of IPRs

PatentSKy is a platform to provide accurate & free information to inventors & IP owners to better understand how to protect the creations of their mind & to fully exploit the benefits associated with their IP ownership.

India is a developing country & I believe that for us to take the next big step & reach the Developed nation’s pedestal, it is imperative to capitalize on the assets of our creative Desi brains! Be it Patent, Trademarks, Designs, Geographical Indications or Copyrights, our nation produces a wealth of these properties without fully understanding their worth! It is time that things change & we build an ecosystem wherein we not only fully understand the strategic importance of our IP assets but also respect the sanctity of these rights & morally exploit them for the benefit of the nation!

In my experience of last 6 years as a Patent Agent, I have worked with the Largest Patent filer of the country, a National award winning Technology Business Incubator & a Start-up mandated with the herculean task of commercializing IP of 50+ premier research labs across the country! Today, I function as an independent IP consultant with an aim of providing affordable & dependable IP consultancy services to innovators.

In my subsequent posts, I plan to share smart strategies for individuals, academics & businesses to fully exploit their IP with minimum investments & maximum returns.

I will also touch upon the Dos & Don’ts of the game. Also drop by for some interesting success stories, Quizzes & life experiences which I will be putting together as a fun read!

Here on PatentSKy, I bring in my experience of the IP ecosystem in India to help those in need of some accurate advice to help them succeed in capitalizing on their creative assets. Once in a while, I will bring in a VIP Guest blogger (someone who has created a niche for themselves) in the IPR domain!

I am a practicing Patent Attorney & IP Lifecycle consultant and am here to provide consultancy services for your IPR asset creation & protection requirements. Pls feel free to browse through my profile & consultancy services section for more details. I will be happy to hear from you for your specific queries on

Watch this space for more! Till then, Happy Inventing!

Posted By :

Sneha Kanitkar

Regt. Patent Agent & Innovation Life-cycle consultant

[Disclaimer:  The views expressed on this blog & in my subsequent posts are free expressions of thought & should not be construed as a legal counsel or advice. Reader’s discretion is strictly advised before taking any monetary or other decisions based on the ideas expressed herein. The author will not be held responsible for any actions taken & subsequent consequences based on the content posted herein.]


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